We're celebrating our 10 year anniversary launch of our BYHEALTH Nutrition Exploratorium and Transparent Factory.

Ahe first transparent factory all over the world to create the quality benchmark. BYHEALTH has the first 'transparent factory' within Chinese health food industry, which is one of the advanced production bases worldwide for Vitamin & Dietary Supplements with strict quality control.

The transparent factory is open to the public with its global raw materials traceable and the producing process visible. There are about 200 detection items of internal control which are carried out with standards that are stricter than the national standards, in order to keep the customers confident with high quality products. One of the advanced professional production bases for Vitamin & Dietary Supplements in Asia.

In 2012, BYHEALTH's new third phase factory started its operation, with a total annual production capacity of up to 5 billion tablets, 3 billion soft capsules, 500 million hard capsules, 250 million bags and 15 million cans of powder Vitamin & Dietary Supplements respectively. The factory is certainly one of the leading dietary supplement manufacturing bases in terms of hardware in Asia, and we hope to develop it as a benchmark for the whole industry.

BYHEALTH adopts a sunlight policy for its raw materials and entire production process, allowing the public to observe everything from raw materials in the warehouse, right through to the finished products at the end of the line, as well as the whole series of laboratory tests. In that way, the public could oversee and examine the quality of BYHEALTH's products and let every consumer sees and believes.

Traceable global raw materials

Witness our high quality raw materials sourced from more than 100 suppliers in over dozens of countries on spot BYHEALTH indicates the raw materials sourcing countries on its product labels. Besides, the catalogue of domestic and oversea suppliers of main and supplementary raw materials are listed in the exhibition room; you will have a panoramic view of all the suppliers and high quality raw materials from all over the world.

BYHEALTH has established good partnerships with the top raw material suppliers all over the world, such as Fonterra in New Zealand, BASF, DSM, Fuji (China) in Japan, Lonza in Switzerland and Apis Flora in Brazil, BLT in Norway and Arla in Denmark.

Completely transparent production process

 BYHEALTH opens the Transparent Factory to the public by constantly inviting people via various channels to visit the factory and observe the production on site. Once entering our factory, visitors can get a close look at every key production process as well as all of the testing for raw materials and finished products, from which they can experience the world-class quality that BYHEALTH's Transparent Factory provides.

Meanwhile, people can learn how our Transparent Factory operates all the way from raw materials storage to production and inspection by watching the video on BYHEALTH's nutrition website and company website.BYHEALTH will create the first intelligent Transparent Factory in the industry to achieve the production automation, material networking, process informatization, record electronization, inspection timeliness, long-distance equipment, unattended site, work personalization and product individualization.

On March 30, 2016, BYHEALTH, together with more than 30 domestic and international famous equipment and software enterprises in the industry, jointly started the strategic cooperation of intelligentization R&D platform of Transparent Factory to be committed to creating the first intelligent Transparent Factory (version 1.0) in the dietary supplement industry.

Strict internal control standards

The Testing Center of BYHEALTH formulates about 200 detection items carried out in accordance with stricter standards than the national ones, with the commitment of implementing strict control on materials going in and products coming out of the factory, including main and supplementary raw materials and packaging materials, meaning that they have to pass all the required tests before they can be put into production or be shipped out.

Internationally certified independent lab

BYHEALTH has established a detection center with high standard equipping with the internationally advanced inspection instruments and equipment, using the advanced LIMS lab management system, which meets or even exceeds the ISO17025 international lab approval standard. It was granted the CNAS certification to ensure the authority and fairness of the inspection data. The certificates or relevant reports issued are mutually recognized in countries or regions (55 authoritative agencies of 41 countries including British, America, Germany, Australia and Japan) where signs the CNAS mutual recognition agreement.

Moving forward, we hope to continue our work in the field of nutrition and health science. To continue inspiring people of all ages and create innovative ideas in our journey to supporting the nutritional wellbeing of the community.