Introducing Dried Blood Spot Analysis - A New Height on Precision Nutrition

Dried Blood Spot Analysis - What is it?

Aried blood spot analysis is a simple, convenient, yet accurate analytical method.  Using filter paper as the carrier of blood samples (or other biological samples), this can be applied with a variety of back-end test equipment, which is one of the technical supports for the development of precision nutrition.

Currently, BYHEALTH has independently developed and built the first fully automatic dried blood spot analysis center in China. The center has applied for patent protection for two technological research and development achievements. With just one drop of blood from the fingertip, this dried blood spot analysis-based solution can detect 9 vitamins, 5 minerals and 3 heavy metals. Besides, through in-depth cooperation, BYHEALTH has set up databases, evaluation systems, and models to research the tests of vitamin, mineral and minor elements via dried blood spot.

Moving ahead, we aim to continue to explore the frontiers of nutrition science with a comprehensive layout of “Science-based Nutrition”.  Along with the rise of national health consciousness and disposable income, we believe this development can support the future of health.

In the future, BYHEALTH will continue to explore the frontier of life science and strive to be customer-oriented with gradually upgrading from a single product provider to a provider of comprehensive health intervention solutions to create greater health values for customers.

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