Liver Health on the Agenda in Australia

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Liver health is one of the fastest growing health focus’ in Australia

Recent research conducted by the University of Western Australia shows the number of Australians facing liver health challenges is on the rise and projected to increase by 25 per cent by the year 2030.

It is a hidden health issue that clearly deserves more attention.The study suggests that addressing increasing rates of obesity and diabetes, along with lifestyle modification and potential natural therapy support, will be essential for maintaining liver health and reducing the burden on society.

As mentioned, Western lifestyle factors are closely linked to our liver health and therefore dietary and lifestyle therapies are paramount. But interestingly, in addition to this, clinicians are increasingly shining the spotlight on the potential applications of a complementary liver-health supporting ingredient known as milk thistle (Silybum marianum).

Milk Thistle

Milk thistle extract is derived from the milk thistle plant, which has a long history of traditional use in western herbal medicine, for the support of healthy liver function.[i]

What we now know is that it has strong antioxidant function and supports the detoxification of the liver. When have a little bit too much to drink or eat, this is where milk thistle can make a difference.

Traceability of supplements today

Manufacturing complementary medicines involves many touch points on the journey to the customer. From the location the herb is grown to the country of manufacturing and finally the destination it is sold. Just like many of us like to know the origins of the food we are eating, the same can be said of herbal supplements, such as milk thistle where we understand the importance of including the seed in the formulation for optimal benefit.

Traceability programs provide an important transparency to the customer which builds confidence and trust.Often traceability is enabled by digital means – such as through QR codes on bottles - which can showcase the exact source of each ingredient in a formulation.

BYHEALTH is one such company that has committed to traceability of their ingredients – including their Milk Thistle Herbal Supplement.

Personalisation in healthcare

BYHEALTH is leading personalisation on a global scale and is excited to bring this to Australia in the future.According to Australia’s Garvan Institute[i], personalised medicine is the future of health and medicine. It uses uniquely personal information about an individual, such as genetic information, to help guide health-related decisions.We believe it is the cornerstone of the future of evidence-based, complementary medicine which is supported through Artificial Intelligence, diagnostics and healthcare practitioner insights.

For instance, BYHEALTH’s precision personalised nutrition is enabled by our scientists who are able to customise product offerings to suit specific customer needs.Always read the label and follow the directions for use.


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