NAD+ and Aging - A BYHEALTH Study

A(nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) is a coenzyme, essential in supporting many biological processes within our bodies, including energy and repairing DNA damage. ⁠⁠Naturally, our NAD+ levels decline with age and various studies have already made this discovery, leading to further developments in the age-related field of nutrition and pharmaceutical industry.

However, a study conducted by BYHEALTH researchers now finds an association and sex (male or female).
The research titled "Association of Human Whole Blood NAD+ Contents With Aging" reveals the connection between levels of NAD+ in aging amongst males and females.


The loss of NAD+ in the blood and aging only was observed in males, particularly in the male middle-aged population, compared to female mice in the study. 

This now widens our understanding of blood NAD+ and aging between sexes, setting a new path for future studies. We now know that the associations of NAD+ levels in the blood, relating to aging is now modified by gender. 

Closely followed by our recent discovery of PCC1 in Grape Seed extract and anti-aging, we are looking forward to paving the way for future anti-aging studies.⁠

Although this study does put our foot in the door in anti-aging discoveries, there is still much research to be done in the field. 

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