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Milk Thistle

3 in 1

Traditionally used in Western Herbal Medicine to

support and maintain healthy liver function.

Man Vitality

Formulated with naturally-sourced ingredients, used in traditional herbal medicine.

Liver Detox

More than 100x extraction of silybin — supports natural liver detoxification processes.

Grape Seed

The equivalent of 15g of dry grape seed to be exact. Plus green tea extract and Vitamin C.

BYHEALTH Nutrition Pro+

"Creating the ultimate nutritional products in the spirit of science."

    • Sustainably Sourced

      We consider the environmental and sustainable factors when sourcing our raw ingredients.

    • Research Backed

      Each formula is meticulously trialled and tested, and supported by over 200 science experts worldwide.

    • 23 Countries

      All our raw ingredients are sourced worldwide from over 23 countries.

    • Quality

      We ensure premium quality ingredients are used, undergoing stringent quality control measures.

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    • "Committing to transparency in the way Byhealth has always done and continues to do is paramount to the brand’s success as a global leader in nutritional products."

    • "Health should be everyone’s number one priority, and BYHEALTH are seeking to foster a culture that puts the value back on men’s mental wellbeing."

    • "Wellness will remain a priority – and it’s even more lucrative in 2023. AAFW announced an exclusive multi-year partnership with BYHEALTH this year."

    • "The company is also committed to transparency and traceability."

    • "The science-based nutrition strategy of BYHEALTH focuses on new testing technologies...that are related to personalised and precision and evidence-based nutrition."

    • "BYHEALTH is committed to science-based nutrition, creating a range of premium nutritional products in the spirit of science."

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